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    Bellevue Arts Fair 2019

    June 16, 2019

    Art and handmade items on vendor tables at a fair

    If there’s one thing most everyone can agree on about living at the rentals in Bellevue, it’s the fact that amazing annual events like the Bellevue Arts Fair make it all the more enjoyable. This yearly extravaganza always manages to take the downtown area by storm, injecting it with life, and was actually a combination of three events:

    “Taking place in downtown Bellevue the last weekend of July each year, this summertime celebration offers three separate fairs including the Bellevue Art Museum's ARTSfair, the Bellevue Festival of the Arts and the 6th Street Fair sponsored by Bellevue Downtown Association.”

    Unfortunately, the Bellevue Festival of the Arts is discontinued, but the other two events, the BAM ARTSfair and 6th Street Fair, are still on the calendar. Each brings something exciting to the table, and each will be worth your while, so today, we’re taking the time to break down what these street fests are all about, giving you the opportunity to plan you end-of-July festivities accordingly.

    BAM ARTSfair

    The BAM (Bellevue Arts Museum) ARTSfair has been going strong for nearly three-quarters of a century. Now in its 73rd year, this fair started back in the 1940s, as a “connection between [the] community and the world of art, craft, and design.” Now, years later, this has blossomed into the largest art gathering in the Northwest, and a focal point for “supporting national designers, artists, and craftspeople.”

    As such, there will be more than 300 different artists showcasing their work at the BAM ARTSfair this year, representing all kinds of genres and media. You’ll have an opportunity to peruse all this fine craftsmanship, and even make some purchases of whatever art fits your fancy (and budget). Curious about what sorts of arts will be on display? Just take a look at the listing of this year’s exhibitors to get an idea!

    You of course have your 2D artists, talented illustrators and painters like Sarah Bean White, Tom Boatright, Halina Domanski. Then there are the 3D artists, fine sculptors and ceramics experts who have created a variety ornamental and functional objects for display in your home. This includes artists like Sean Goddard, Donna Reed, and Will Richards. There are even some pure illustrators and furniture makers in the mix at this year’s ARTSfair, so the selection will be a diverse one, for sure. Be sure to take a look over that entire list to identify which artists you’ll want to check out the most.

    It’s not just about gawking at and buying art, though, as the ARTSfair also offers up additional fun, including “the BAM Exhibitions, KIDSfair, the Sound & Movement Stage, food trucks, and much more.” The BAMboozle and Sound & Movement stages will be of particular note if you’re in the mood for scoping out some live performances. At the BAMboozle Stage, there will be special music and dance programming just for kids, including some craft activities they’re sure to enjoy. Then, at the Sound & Movement Stage, local musicians and performing artists from 4Culture's Touring Arts Roster will be giving it their all, putting on some fine shows to wow the crowds.

    There’s even a KIDSfair for the younger audiences (aged 3 to 10). They’ll get to take place in all kinds of hands-on art projects, games, and gallery activities — engaging their mind and getting into the creative spirit. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn you have a young artist in the making after they’ve had a chance to express themselves at the ARTSfair? No matter your reason for going, this is sure to be a great time, so carve out at least one day for yourself in that final weekend of July to head to the museum to check this event out for yourself.

    6th Street Fair

    Organized and produced by the Bellevue Downtown Association, the 6th Street Fair is Bellevue’s “signature arts festival weekend,” and, in addition to an eclectic mixture of sculpture, jewelry, home décor, wood and glass work, and fabrics (a product of careful jury selection, mind you), this event features an outstanding lineup of live performances to boot, including:

    • Andre Feriante
    • Brenda Xu
    • New Age Flamenco
    • Tekla Waterfield
    • JR Rhodes
    • George Sadak
    • The Lonely Coast
    • Adrian Xaivier
    • Arden Fujiwara
    • Mario Amaya
    • Gretchen Yanover

    These performers will be spread out over the weekend, so be sure to check the schedule to see when your favorites will be taking the stage. Back to the art, though. The list is a long one, and while a variety of media are in the mix, you’ll find jewelry and home gifts well-represented here.

    Artisans like Forkedelic, for instance, take creativity to a new level, crafting all of their handmade designs using “antique silver fork, spoon and knife handles.” The result is a unique kind of curvy jewelry that few others can imitate. If you’re after something that’s “one of a kind,” Forkedelic should be a surefire stop while you’re checking out the various exhibitors at the 6th Street Fair. As should Solid Rock Memorials & Gifts. Getting cool display pieces for your home isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but having those made out of solid rock and engraved? You can literally have your words “carved in stone,” which is definitely saying something.

    And all this is topped off by the great food selection that will be at the 6th Street Fair. If you’re a fan of sweets, desserts, ice cream, and the like, this will be a big hit for you, because they’ve got some of Washington’s best vendors in that regard out in full force, serving up tasty treats for the duration of the fair. It’s a nice little extra that’s sure to make this outdoor extravaganza just that much more enjoyable.

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