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    Bellevue Downtown Park

    August 29, 2019

    A senior woman and a young woman walking in a green park

    You may have noticed, looking at the apartments for rent in downtown Bellevue on the map, that they’re close to one of the city’s foremost areas for urban recreation, the Bellevue Downtown Park. Now, it’s not uncommon for cities to have parks, especially ones that are located near their majestic core. What it slightly less common, though, is finding an urban park with quite the same aesthetic as that in downtown Bellevue, as we’ll soon learn about this one-of-a-kind city expanse.

    The Bellevue Park With the Unique View

    There are multiple parks around the city of Bellevue, but none that quite capture the essence of this town quite like Bellevue Downtown Park:

    “Bellevue Downtown Park is a 21-acre oasis of green in the heart of Bellevue. A one-half mile promenade, bordered by a double row of shade trees, and a stepped canal, brings one to the 240-foot wide waterfall that cascades into a reflecting pond.”

    From here, you can wonder at Bellevue’s magnificent skyline, and even catch a glimpse of Mount Rainier in the backdrop. In all, the park encompasses about 20 acres (that’s 81,000 square meters, if you were wondering). Though first created in the 90s, it has been augmented since that original inception, perhaps most notably in 2017, with the culmination of the city’s ambitions “Complete the Circle” project. This effort was designed to enhance the park, and included:

    • Completion of the circular canal and tree-lined promenade
    • Creation of a grand entrance and water feature at the south end of the park
    • Terraced seating, stairways and accessible paths
    • Closing the parking lot off Northeast Second Street and expanding the one off 100th Avenue Northeast
    • Additional landscape plantings

    What might have been the most interesting addition to the park was the metamorphosis of the old children’s play area into the all-new “Inspiration Playground.” In its reborn form, the playground featured all manner of “interactive play elements” designed to “engage the senses” of kids at the park. These include sculptures that are made for children to touch and climb on, an interactive “music plaza” where kids can create and then react to various sounds, and even an out of this world “Whimsy Plaza,” with a bizarre sculpture of a tree, reminiscent of an old Dr. Suess book. All-in-all, it’s quite the sight, and quite the place for families large and small to come and enjoy a fine day in beautiful Bellevue.

    You’ll Find More Beauty at the Apartments for Rent in Downtown Bellevue

    It turns out that communities like Hyde Square are keeping in the Bellevue tradition — offering residents a lovely aesthetic that combines contemporary style with a kind of clean and simple modernity. It’s here that you’ll find the kind of state-of-the-art urban luxury you’re after, the sort of experience you can only get here in the Pacific Northwest. Ready to learn more about what this unique location has to offer? Drop us a line, find out what awaits at Hyde Square, then prepare to make this your new home between splendid Bellevue and Redmond.