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    Bellevue Fashion Week 2019

    August 16, 2019

    A row of models walking up the runway

    If you’ve just recently moved to the rentals in Bellevue, you might not already be aware that this is a town where bold creative expression is par for the course. Nowhere is that better exemplified than the upcoming Bellevue Fashion Week, where some of the latest and greatest clothing styles will be on display for you and other fashion-forward enthusiasts to marvel at and, of course, discuss.

    From September 25th to September 29th, at the Bellevue Collection, you’ll be able to check out these new fashions, presented via several fabulous shows, while also checking out some of the wonders of Bellevue Collection itself. If you’re not yet familiar with the area, that’s OK. Today, we’ll be cluing you in on everything you’ll need to know about both, so you can enjoy a great time once Fashion Week rolls around.

    More on the Bellevue Collection

    A large part of the Bellevue Fashion Week excitement is in the venue itself, the Bellevue Collection. If you weren’t already aware, this luxurious destination, “owned by Kemper Development Company, includes Bellevue Square, Bellevue Place, and Lincoln Square.” There’s a lot going on in this one particular sector of Bellevue, and if you’re interested in having a great time, there’s plenty to hold your interest.

    Fashionistas, for instance, will likely take to the large number of shopping opportunities that exist within Bellevue Collection. Looking great is an easy task here, and you’ll find a great many stores catering to a great many tastes — diversity at its finest. Beyond the shopping opportunities, though, Bellevue Collection has more than its fair share of dining, entertainment, and, of course, events going on, like Bellevue Fashion Week. Next, let’s get into a bit more depth about this stunning event.

    What to Expect at Bellevue Fashion Week

    Bellevue Fashion Week is a yearly event that, as we’ve mentioned, puts the best of fall fashion front and center for you to check out and enjoy. This year, Fashion Week will be featuring three events in particular that you won’t want to miss, according to their website:

    • The Posh Party Trend Show: A girl’s night out celebrating all the best in fall fashion and the new trends in beauty.
    • The Collective Runway Show: A night of premier brands and their luxe fall looks.
    • Beyond the Show: Complimentary beauty, fashion, and fitness events at Bellevue Square.

    You’ll need tickets for both the Posh Party Trend Show and the Collective Runway Show, but those ticket purchases are going towards quite the worthy cause. The proceeds will go to help local non-profits Bellevue Life Spring and Ben’s Fund/FEAT of Washington — both of which are doing fantastic work in and around the area.

    Bellevue Life Spring, for its part, is all about fostering” stability and self-sufficiency for Bellevue’s children and their families.” This is a mission they’ve been at since 1911, and it includes programs that provide families with food, clothing, education, emergency assistance — many of the things that they need to get along in life.

    As for Ben’s Fund, they’re involved with providing support to both children and young adults who have autism. They do this through a financial assistance, guidance, and a bevy of programs designed to address the needs of the autistic. As they’re quick to point out, the need for such services around the nation is critical:

    “The need for services is great; the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, estimates the current prevalence rate for autism is 1 in 59. The factors – environmental, biologic, and genetic – that may contribute to the likelihood of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are being studied. To date, there is no cure for ASDs, but the research does show early intervention treatment services can greatly improve a child’s development.”

    So, you can expect Fashion Week to do some good in the world, and if you’re curious how the events are going to play out, You need only look to years past for an idea of what’s in store. As you might have wagered, there’s been plenty of coverage on Bellevue Fashion Week from past to present, and it’ll all provide you with some deeper insights on what the events at Fashion Week are all about, like Seattle Refined’s look at the various goings on of last year’s Fashion Week. They highlighted the seminars, one-on-one consultations, and pop-in events, all of which made quite the buzz.

    Seminars, for instance, will provide you with a chance to learn more about the world of fashion, what forms the latest trends and styles are taking, and how you can maximize on these trends — whether you’re a designer or someone who just likes to stay at the cutting edge of style when it comes to their wardrobe. The wardrobe was also a central theme in those one-on-one style consultations, with prominent fashionistas providing their takes on how to keep your clothing choices fresh and unique, even as your lifestyle, budget, and other factors change.

    As for enjoying yourself to the maximum while you’re at Fashion Week, the organizers have put out a list of helpful tips that will aid you in taking advantage of all there is to offer. For starters, you should ensure you’re dressed for the occasion (fashionable cocktail attire will do the trick). You’ll want to make certain that you grab a tasty beverage before the shows start (as the bars will be closed during the shows and won’t reopen until the finale concludes). You’ll also want to make sure you arrive early and get a spot to park (Bellevue Place Parking Garage should have some room). Follow these (and the other) helpful hints on the list, and you should be all set for a great time come Fashion Week 2019.

    The Rentals in Bellevue Put You Near a Lot

    From fun events like Fashion Week to a host of things to see and do around the neighborhood, communities like Hyde Square put you near some of the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and if you’re keen on exploring, this is just the place you’ll want to call home. Learn more about what’s in store at Hyde Square, then take that next step to making one of these fabulous residences your very own.