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    Bellevue is Top Place To Live

    February 23, 2018

    View of the Bellevue skyline with mountains in the background

    Did you know that Bellevue was ranked as a top place to live? Not just on one list, mind you, but on multiple lists. Back in 2008, CNN Money placed it at the top of the list for 100 Best Places To Live And Launch. Though that list focused on solo business people looking for the right place to settle down and kick off their big idea, they noted some of the lifestyle appeal, stating that the town had a “talented workforce” and “growing downtown,” which added to the luster:

    *“Like many of the places on our list, Bellevue is a city in transition: no longer a bedroom community, but not yet a crowded, expensive metropolitan hub. Bellevue has grown with unusual grace in recent years.”
    Then again, in 2017, Bellevue was featured on Livability’s list of top 100 spots, coming in at number six with a 669 “livability score.” In their overview, Livability added some hearty praise:

    “The city of Bellevue offers residents with a small-town vibe and a large assortment of entertainment options. Major media outlets have recognized Bellevue schools as being among the best in the country and the city is home to Bellevue College and City University of Seattle.”

    What makes Bellevue the proverbial Belle Of The Ball? Keep reading, because today, we’re going to dig into some of the factors that make this town one of the most desirable places to reside in the entire country.

    Bellevue Is In A Gorgeous Location

    Few areas can rival the majesty of the Pacific Northwest, and Bellevue takes all of its most distinct visual qualities and distills them into one town. As one versed in foreign languages might well note, the name “Bellevue,” quite literally means “beautiful view” in French. There are no fewer than fifteen spots tagged on Foursquare with scenic views around the city, and some definite stand outs that top the list.

    It lies between Lake Washington to the west and Lake Sammamish to the east. Cougar Mountain, and a number of other cities in the Seattle area are all located nearby, which lends to another point -- Bellevue is near Seattle without actually being Seattle. It’s smaller, in the vein of a satellite city or edge city, but contains many of the positive qualities people attribute to its nearby neighbor: there are thriving companies, a decent tech boom, steady per capita income, and a way of life many other locales can only hope to imitate.

    Beyond that, though, what might be the jewel on Bellevue’s crown is the backdrop of the Cascade mountain range. Part of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring Of Fire, these majestic peaks cradle the area, giving the avid outdoors-oriented individual the impression they seek: that they are intimately connected to nature, even as they reside in an area that’s a touch more urban.

    There’s Plenty To Do In Bellevue

    And this goes beyond the outdoor activities. Within the city, there are plenty of festivals, dining, arts, and culture to enjoy, with something, it seems, for just about everybody.

    On the event front, you might decide to head to Kelsey Creek Farm Park for the agricultural fairs that occur every spring and fall, or the annual Strawberry Festival in June (who doesn’t love strawberries?) or maybe just to tour the premises. You could learn about the area’s history at the History Of Eastside Logging event, hosted by the Eastside Heritage Center, or you might even catch a Gallery Artist’s Show, which take place at various times throughout the year.

    Speaking of art and culture, though, Bellevue has more than its fair share. The bustling arts scene is home to photography, sculpture, paintings, and performances of all stripes. You can tour the Bellevue Arts Museum to see some of the grand works on display, you might enjoy some of the art that’s in the public spaces around town, or even at a private gallery. If you enjoy dance and theater, the Theatre at Meydenbauer Center is the perfect location for you to catch a show, and the Resonance At Soma Towers will be your connection when you want to see talented musicians show off their craft.

    If you’re all about the outdoors, though, Bellevue definitely has you covered. The lakes provide plenty of room for boating and fishing, you can kayak through Mercer Nature Park, climb the mountains, play a few rounds of golf at the Bellevue Municipal Golf Course, or even stroll the Botanical Gardens. That last option is quite popular, as the garden has some 300,000 visitors every year, who go there to enjoy the quiet, see some impressive plant life, and perhaps even take a serene guided tour as they learn about the flora that Washington has to offer.

    Business In Bellevue Is Booming

    There’s a long list of well-known companies who have set up shop in Bellevue, including (but not limited to): Sucker Punch Productions, Valve, Bungie, Eddie Bauer, and Expedia. As the Chamber Of Commerce notes, Bellevue is a city with “great talent, a vibrant city center, and growing entrepreneurial businesses.” Part of the business success of the city is thanks to the local Chamber Of Commerce, who have positioned themselves as the voice of business leaders in the area. They point out that changes to Bellevue have made it an attractive choice for starting a new venture:

    “Businesses can choose from a variety of office environments, new space coming onto the market and a streamlined permitting process makes Bellevue an ideal place for new businesses or relocations. As the metropolitan hub of the Eastside, Bellevue is a major player in the global marketplace.”

    Beyond that, the Chamber Of Commerce has initiated steps, like the Business Acceleration Program, to help fledgling companies get on the right track and grow their ideas with the latest in marketing and promotional techniques. By fostering local talent, it flourishes, something that Bellevue has proven works.

    Enjoy The City Of Bellevue

    This booming town attracts people from many walks of life, but the thing they have in common is that they need a great place to live to do their best. Hyde Square provides one such option, with a luxurious edifice, spacious residences, and a way of life that enhances the spirits of those who live here.