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    The Best Tips From Marie Kondo

    February 28, 2019

    A couple sorting and folding clothes

    Let’s face it — Marie Kondo has been on a tear, spreading her joy of organizing to families far and wide across the globe. There’s a good chance you find her work inspiring, and want to bring a bit of that organizational magic to the rentals in Bellevue, straightening up your own apartment so it feels like home again. That’s no mean feat, but at the same time, it’s a task that’s well within your grasp if you cut to the essence of Kondo’s teachings on tidying up. Today, we’re going straight to the heart of the matter, and bringing you the top tips from Marie Kondo’s method you’ll want to employ while you’re getting a head start on your spring cleaning.

    The Core of the Kondo Method

    If you’ve never read Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, we suggest you do. You’ll find, like many others, that it’s an interesting read, and while many portions may not work for your lifestyle in particular, there’s still plenty of wisdom to be found within the pages, and plenty that you’ll find useful on a day-to-day basis. In the meanwhile, let’s cover what we feel are some of the most important lessons learned from her philosophy on organizing.

    Don’t Sort by Room; Sort by Category

    You know when you get into that spring cleaning mode and you’re ready to transform your entire apartment? For most of us, the first thing we’ll do is go room by room, notepad in hand, and jot down what’s present and what needs to be tossed out or reorganized. Turns out, this might not be the best way to go about it, for as Kondo notes, “people often store the same type of item in more than one place,” meaning, for example, that if you start organizing your office thinking you’re going to get all the office-related stuff under control, you might be in for a rude awakening.

    Think about, continuing with our office example from above. You start organizing papers in your home office, thinking you’ve got everything, but then realize you’ve got stacks of mail on the kitchen counter, some recently deposited checks in a pile in the living room, and some books that you meant to have in the office laying around in the bedroom. See how going room by room might pose a problem now? And that’s to say nothing of items that you might have multiples of (think toiletries and the like, which you keep in various locations and sometimes forget about).

    The solution, hence, is to tackle your cleaning by category, rounding up everything that falls under the same umbrella, then making sense of what you need and don’t need before reorganizing.

    Toss It Out First; Put It Back Second

    Ever tried organizing where your stuff should go while simultaneously trying to get a handle on what you should keep or discard? It’s a doozy, and trying to multitask with these two activities is a recipe for disaster. Tackling these two tasks one at a time, however, will yield better results, and you should always put discarding ahead of deciding where to keep things, in Kondo’s book.

    So, once you’ve gathered everything together by category, engage in the difficult task of deciding what you have to throw away (or donate, as the case may be). Once you’ve completed that chore, you’ll find you have much more room in your apartment to work with, and the job of putting stuff back becomes much easier, and much more clear. As for the topic of what to keep and what to cast off, we’re glad you asked, since Kondo provides advice on that as well...

    Only Keep What You Need

    You’re waffling about whether or not you should keep a particular item in your home. Is it necessary? Does it “spark joy,” as Kondo would put it? If not, it’s best to let it go. There are likely countless items that you haven’t used in a good while, and you’re only holding onto them because you think you might need them. Kondo challenges you to do some soul searching, perform a thorough examination of what you actually need (and what you don’t), and refrain from keeping certain items just because of sentimentality.

    True, the “joy” she speaks of can be a nebulous term, but if you can imbue that with your own meaning, then suddenly, the job of deciding what stays and what goes will become more manageable. You might define joy as utility, in which case, only the things you’ve been using regularly will make the cut. Perhaps you will add an addition element of aesthetic appeal, so older and more worn items will have to head to the scrap pile. The choice is yours — just be sure you make a decision and don’t procrastinate about making it.

    Fold You Clothes Instead of Hanging Them

    This might seem like a weird item to include, but trust us, it’ll save you some space (particularly in smaller residences). If you’ve got a closet, your natural inclination is to start hanging clothes, but if you use a dresser and employ Kondo’s specialized folding method, you’ll find that not only are your vestments easier to locate, you’ll be able to fit more of them into your space as well.

    You’ll Want to Keep the Rentals in Bellevue Clean

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