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    FAQs When Moving to Bellevue

    March 15, 2019

    Bellevue cityscape

    It’s little surprise that someone would want to move into the Bellevue apartments. For many, the city is considered just the right size. It’s a welcoming community, and there are plenty of things around town to keep you interested, from the Arts Museum and Botanical Gardens, to the many parks, and even the farms and nature preserves that allow you to escape into the elements. Here’s a brief description from the Bellevue Government’s official About Us page:

    “With beautiful parks, top schools and a vibrant economy, Bellevue is routinely ranked among the best mid-sized cities in the country ( and 24/7 Wall Street). While business booms downtown, much of Bellevue retains a small-town feel, with thriving, woodsy neighborhoods and a vast network of trails. With nearly 100 parks, Bellevue is known as "a city in a park." The city's crime rates are consistently low.”

    Even with all that clearly going for it, though, it’s not uncommon for folks to have a few questions before making their move, and as a community service, we’ve decided to field a few of the more frequent queries so that you can have a better understanding of what you’re getting into when you come to this fantastic little Northwestern city.

    What People Want to Know About Bellevue

    From the size of the city to the best places to live and work, people frequently ask about the lesser-known details of this urban paradise. Thankfully, the answers to such questions are easy to produce, and we’ve got them all collected for you right here.

    How Big Is Bellevue?

    If you’re talking about the size of the area, the city of Bellevue “spans more than 33 square miles between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish.” According to the official statistics, the total area of the city is 36.47 square miles, with 31.97 of those miles being land, and 4.50 being water. It’s a smaller space that makes getting around plenty easy.

    If you want to know about population size, however, that’s a different number. Bellevue, according to the 2017 census estimate, has a population of 144,444 people. It’s the third-largest city in the Seattle Metro Area, and the fifth-largest in the state of Washington overall.

    What’s the Population Like?

    In terms of demographics, Bellevue is becoming more diverse. During the 2010 census, approximately 62.6% of the population was white, while African Americans represented 2.2%, Native Americans represented 0.4%, Hispanics represented 7.0%, Asians represented 27.6%, Pacific Islanders represented 0.2%, “Other” races represented 3.1%, and mixed-race individuals represented 3.9% of the population.

    A more recent 2015 census, According to Visit Bellevue, indicates that now, more than half of Bellevue’s population comes from a minority ethnicity, and “42 percent speak a language other than English at home.” Among all of Bellevue’s residents, education is highly-valued. And data indicates that more than 66% of the population holds a bachelor’s degree or higher, as of 2015.

    How Did Bellevue Get Its Name?

    The word “Bellevue” comes from the French term for “beautiful view.” White pilgrims didn’t settle this part of the United States until the late 1800s, when they discovered coal in the aptly-named “Coal Creek” area of Washington. They named Bellevue, according to the history, “either in reference to the view from the new post office's window or to a city in Indiana of the same name from which prominent settlers came.”

    You can learn more about the history in intervening years from Bellevue’s official government page, but to make a long story short, this once simple farming and mining community incorporated in 1953, and in the time since, has developed a beautiful downtown and morphed into a high-tech beacon for commerce and innovation.

    What’s the Weather Like?

    Overall, temperatures in Bellevue stay mild. In the summer months, you’ll see the thermometer shoot up to about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while in the colder months, it might drop down into the 30s occasionally. What Bellevue lacks in temperature extremes, however, it makes up for in rainfall, and the total annual precipitation during the year is about 40 inches. It doesn’t come on just a select few days either. You’ll see about 150 rainy days, or even more, living here, so be sure to pack your umbrella (or at the very least a rain jacket).

    What Are the Best Areas and Places to Live?

    “Best” is a matter up for interpretation. There are sixteen distinct neighborhoods in Bellevue, and each brings something a little different to the table. You can find the area boundaries by checking out the government’s neighborhood map; the individual names are as follows:

    1. Bridle Trails
    2. BelRed
    3. Northwest Bellevue
    4. Northeast Bellevue
    5. Crossroads
    6. Downtown
    7. Wilburton
    8. Lake Hills
    9. Woodridge
    10. West Bellevue
    11. West Lake Sammamish
    12. Newport
    13. Factoria
    14. Eastgate
    15. Somerset
    16. Cougar Mountain

    If you’re trying to nail down which neighborhood would best fit your lifestyle and personality, we recommend checking out the neighborhood profiles, which break down the demographics and character of each area. With this info, it’ll be easy to tell what appeals to you the most and finally make that move to the city.

    How About the Local Economy?

    Bellevue isn’t just a great place to live, it’s also a great place to work, especially if you’re after a job in the technology field. According to Forbes, Bellevue, along with Tacoma and Seattle, top the list for tech jobs, and there are plenty of big businesses, like Boeing, Microsoft, Safeway, and T-Mobile, who have centers in the area.

    Let the Bellevue Apartments Be Your Perfect New Home in this Amazing City

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