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    Happy Hour in Bellevue, WA

    September 15, 2018

    A class of beer and an Aperol spritz cocktail

    Young urban professionals living in luxury apartments in Bellevue are often looking for great bars and restaurants to drop by after work. Happy hour is always a good time to connect with good friends and coworkers to meet up for drinks and a quick bite to eat during the work week. Heck, if you have the time it’s even more than acceptable to pop into the fine establishments we’re about to mention on the weekend during their happy hour time slots.

    In Bellevue, there are plenty of great restaurants to go to if you regularly enjoy going to happy hour, and you can find a whole list of them right here. And that’s great because we love supporting local establishments so we want you to learn all about these fine restaurants and bars throughout the city. What we’re doing here today is a bit different because where going to share our top three places to go during happy hour, so stick around to discover what we feel are the best of the best in this community.

    1. 99 Park

    We definitely like recommending 99 Park in Bellevue to all of our readers because it’s one of the most happening bars and restaurants in the area. Their happy hour takes place on Tuesday through Saturday 4 PM to 6 PM. They also have all day happy hour on Sundays and Mondays, and a late happy hour on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9 PM to close.

    As you can probably tell, this amazing restaurant really wants their customers to have an exciting, fun, and affordable experience. They make delicious food and the drinks are truly amazing. Plus, they offer late-night dining, and the bar scene is definitely one that you will never forget.

    So if you’re into enjoying an exciting nightlife, you’re definitely going to have a phenomenal time at 99 Park. Their food is spectacular, the drinks are always flowing, and since happy hour is practically an all-day event, you know you’ll have no trouble tying one on because their drinks are so affordable. Plus, this is the perfect place for young urban professionals looking to relax, unwind, and have a great time with their friends and colleagues.

    2. Earl’s Kitchen + Bar Bellevue

    Next, we’re going to tell you all about Earl’s Kitchen + Bar in Bellevue. This is another wonderful establishment that doesn’t seem to know that happy hour is supposed to come to an end eventually. They want their customers to be happy all day and all night long, so they definitely make sure they do by having an early happy hour and a late happy hour to make the experience more than affordable for young professionals and singles looking to have a good time.

    Their happy hour starts at 3 PM and ends at 6 PM from Monday through Sunday. They also have a late happy hour that goes from 9 PM to close on Monday through Sunday. Since the bar and restaurant is located right in the heart of downtown Bellevue, there’s also plenty of other things to do after you’re done eating and drinking to your heart’s desire. You can stop in Whole Foods Market, visit Bellevue Square or Lincoln Square Cinema, pay a visit to Bellevue Downtown Park for a stroll or even visit the Bellevue Arts Museum.

    As a young urban professional or a single person just looking to mix and mingle, you’ll definitely love the atmosphere and ambience of this great place. They have a private dining room, indoor fireplace, free parking, and free Wi-Fi as well. It’s located right next to the Lincoln Square Mall and the other places we’ve already talked about above.

    As far as the food goes, they definitely have a fantastic menu. For you plant-based folks, they serve an impossible burger which is 100% plant-based and topped with onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and mayonnaise, and placed on a freshly baked brioche bun.

    They also serve spicy tuna rolls, tortilla soup, garlic fries, Italian style pan bread, hot wings, street chicken tacos, 10 ounce blackened New York strip loin, and many other delicious choices. They also have an amazing drink menu with all of their signature cocktails that can be found here.

    3. Pearl Seafood & Oyster Bar

    Pearl Seafood & Oyster Bar is another stimulating place to go if you’re looking to have a phenomenal and affordable happy hour experience with friends and coworkers. The great thing about Pearl is its location. It’s right in the heart of the entertainment district in downtown Bellevue, so you know you’re going to be in the middle of the action in this great city.

    Their Northwest seafood menu is truly to die for and they only use local, seasonal, and fresh ingredients. So you should feel free to stop in for lunch or dinner at any time, or if you’re just getting off from work, remember to pull up a chair at happy hour to fully appreciate the amazing food, their signature cocktails, and the delectable local wines that they serve in this great place.

    Happy hour is seven days a week from Monday through Sunday. It starts at 3 PM and end at 6 PM. At least the first happy hour does. The late happy hour is from Monday through Sunday as well and it begins at 9 PM and ends at 12 AM. So there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of their affordable prices throughout the day and night.

    Since Pearl is such a great part of the local bar scene, you’ll truly appreciate the late-night dining, the affordable happy hour, and the great crowd that they bring in night after night.

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