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    Kirkland Art Walk

    October 5, 2018

    An artists preparing to draw on a blank canvas

    Near the beautiful rentals in Bellevue, there’s a positively enthralling event in Kirkland that’s sure to be the talk of the town — the Kirkland Art Walk. Right in the heart of Bellevue’s “sister” city to the north, this opportunity to check out some of the area’s most impressive local artists continues to thrive, and there have been some recent changes to the program that will fascinate old fans and new visitors alike.

    What are these changes, exactly, and what is the Art Walk all about? That’s exactly what we plan on getting into today, as we take a look at the current state of the Kirkland Art Walk and give you the lowdown on where to go and what to expect when you arrive.

    What in the World Is the Kirkland Art Walk?

    For starters, a bit of background may be in order. An art walk, in case you weren’t already aware, is a community event where visitors can leisurely traverse a segment of their town and view the fine works of amazing artists, all the while enjoying additional perks like food, drinks, and live entertainment.

    The Kirkland Art Walk takes these principles and executes on them with that unique dash of Kirkland style. You might not have known, but the town has a strong association with the arts:

    “Kirkland’s arts scene is sophisticated and international, but also vibrant and whimsical. Art performances, exhibits, classes and galleries are abundant throughout the city.”

    The Second Friday Downtown Art Walks are a part of Kirkland’s artistic tradition, celebrating some of the best that the town has to offer. A large portion of the community is in on the action. To give you an idea, just look at this list of groups, galleries, businesses, and other establishments that have participated:

    • Canvas Paint & Sip
    • Spa Eir
    • Opus Bank
    • Parklane Gallery
    • Simplicity Decor
    • Howard/Mandville Gallery
    • Ivy Gift & Home
    • Simplicity ABC
    • Frog Legs Culinary Academy
    • Realogics Sotherby’s International Realty
    • Seattle Thread Company
    • Crush Footwear
    • The Grape Choice
    • Hallmark Realty
    • BooBoo Barkery
    • Twisted Couture
    • Northwest Fine Art Printing
    • Holodeck 3D Studios
    • Kirkland Teen Union Building (KTUB)

    As you can see, the Art Walk brings a lot of parties out in support, and they all lend a little something different to the affair. That is apparent if you check out this video of some Art Walk highlights; the intense dedication and joy of the Art Walk’s participants and supporters is really something inspiring. In regards to the current state of the Art Walk, they’re currently going through a bit of a restructuring phase:

    “We’re refreshing, rebranding and revitalizing the Kirkland Art Walk to bring you a more engaging experience. While we won’t be officially supporting the walk for October and November, many venues will continue to host artists on Second Friday, and Parklane Gallery and the Kirkland Arts Center will continue to have receptions and exhibitions.”

    So while the Arts Walk is evolving, there are still two places in particular you can head to get your artistic fix, so let’s explore both of those quickly. The first is the Parklane Gallery. Located on the appropriately titled Park Lane, this gallery has some 44 resident artists, representing individual art forms like painting, sculpture, and the like.

    Throughout October and November, they have several art-centric events that will be dotting the calendar, like the Kirkland Wine Walk. As the name implies, the event will give participants the chance to view fine works of art while simultaneously sampling some exquisite wine, so if you’re a fan of the reds and whites, this one’s for you.

    During the month of October, they’ll be featuring two of their exemplary artists, Adrienne Anderson-Smith and Forrest Goldade. The former is Emmy-nominated, and, according to the gallery, her “whimsical walls of rock faces display the wonderful mélange of our culture,” a true feat. The latter, Goldade, is debuting a new collection of acrylic and watercolor paintings, “Northwest Impressions,” and these recent works “explore themes of northwest animals and landscapes” in the tradition of other greats such as Morris Graves.

    Moving onto the second gallery, the Kirkland Arts Center, you’ll find a veritable historic landmark with a history that stretches back to the early 1960s. The organization was formed by “artists and citizens interested in providing local opportunities in the arts and preserving the Peter Kirk building” where they’re based. Today, they offer some 65 classes and other resources for artists, enriching the community as a whole.

    As far as events go, they’ve got they’re share of artist showcases on the calendar for the months of October and November, but the big ticket is going to be the ArtBeat 2018 auction, taking place Saturday, October 20th:

    “Bid on art, indulge in food and drink, and imagine KAC’s frabjous future.

    Anything is possible at this Mad Hatter happening – all that’s missing is you!”

    It’s one of the biggest fundraisers that the Kirkland Arts Center holds, and it’s entering its 10th year. You won’t just be able to look at fine art when you check out this event — you’ll be able to make a bid on it as well, all the while experiencing great company, sampling delicious food and drink, and seeing some live entertainment.

    You can get a view of some of the items that will be up for auction by taking a look at the official catalog, and the organizations that will benefit from this fundraiser include the Make Your Mark after school program and affordable art classes for young and old alike. Be sure to grab a ticket and show your support for the community.

    One of the Many Joys of Living at the Rentals in Bellevue

    Beyond the beautiful grounds and amazing amenities of communities like Hyde Square, there’s a whole wild world of quirky adventure to explore around this part of Washington. You might find that the lifestyle here perfectly suits you, so we welcome you to check out everything that Hyde Square has to offer and reach out to learn more about making this your new home among the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.