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    Meditation Space in Your Home

    March 16, 2019

    Man with headphones on relaxing in a chair

    Thinking about transforming your space for rent in Bellevue into a place of peace, tranquility, and balance? That’s not half a bad idea, as meditation, it turns out, is a great way to reap some healthy benefits in your life:

    “For centuries, meditation has been used as an effective technique to work with the mind, and also to provide relaxation, well-being and better health. Long before the advent of modern science and medicine, dedicated meditators from a variety of spiritual traditions had already discovered the tremendous benefits of their practice.”

    So, with that in mind, how can you dedicate at least a part of your home to having the perfect setup for you to expand your mind and hone your spirit? That’s exactly what we plan on tackling today, as we address these simple steps toward creating a meditation space in your apartment.

    What’s the Benefit of Having a Dedicated Meditation Space?

    Theoretically, you could meditate wherever you want to, so why set up a space strictly for that purpose? A fair question, and we’d ask you to consider the following. Most of the other spaces in your home serve a purpose, and when you enter them, you’re likely to be reminded of this fact. Say you walk into your home office. You see the desk, computer, papers, and you’re immediately reminded of the work you need to get done. Similarly, if you head to your kitchen, you might start to think about that meal you said you were going to cook, or get hungry for some snack.

    Not so with a dedicated space for meditation. Unlike the other parts of the home, which remind you of all the things you “should” be doing at the moment, a meditation space grants you with a feeling of peace, calm, and stillness. It’s a reminder to clear your mind, and a portion of your home tailor-made to help you achieve that purpose. How should you start? It all comes from the heart, and thinking about the qualities that mean the most to you when creating bliss through solitude.

    Your Step-By-Step Meditation Space Guide

    To begin, you’ll need to select a suitable part of your home to stake out for meditation. Don’t just choose at random, though. You want to choose a place in your home that will make you feel good. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be an entire room either. You can carve out just a section of a specific room, or a closet, or any place else where you have some room, just remember that it should be private and help you feel secure. Once you’ve settled on your ideal spot, it will be time to transform it into your sanctuary of solitude, with beauty and decoration.

    Areas near the window can be great if you want natural light, but even if you don’t have a space near the window to use, you can start introducing lighting elements through your decorations (candles, sconces, etc.). In the process of beautifying your meditation space, remember that less is often more. Yes, you want your meditation area to look nice, but that doesn’t mean it has to be overly ornate. Beyond a few essentials like a nice rug, a meditation pillow, and a small table, you’ll want to keep things to a minimum to avoid distractions. If you do decide to add more, go natural. A few plants and flowers, some shells, or a bit of flowing water go a long way to making the environment serene.

    Next up, try to add some soothing smells to your meditation area. Some incense, oils, or candles packed with meditative scents are perfect for setting the mood. Popular aromas on the list include:

    • Sandalwood
    • Frankincense
    • Rose
    • Ylang-Ylang
    • Lavender
    • Sage
    • Rosemary

    While not necessary, a touch of sound or music can greatly enhance your meditation space. We mentioned the possibility of small fountain to provide the sound of running water, but you could also try bells, chimes, or a singing bowl to bring in the soothing sounds. If you aren’t familiar, these inverted kinds of bells produce a rather calming noise, and while the various claims of “healing energy” aren’t exactly backed by hard evidence, they are rather pleasant to use, at the least:

    “Singing bowls are actually a type of bell known as a “standing bell.” The bowls are played either by rubbing a mallet around the rim (as one might play a crystal glass with your finger), or striking the side of the bowl with the mallet. The two playing methods produce quite distinctive sounds.”

    This next step is less of a change that you’ll have to make to your space, and more of a change that you’ll have to make within yourself. Now that you have your meditation area staked out and decorated, it’s up to you to treat it with the appropriate level of respect. This part of your home is all about stillness, quiet time, meditation, rest, etc. Do not sully it with the “mundane” trivialities of your everyday existence. Instead, use it only for the purpose you’ve granted it — to help clear your mind and refocus.

    Now, all that’s left is for you to get to it. Dedicating a space to meditation isn’t difficult, but it does take effort, and most who want to (but haven’t) are famous for continuing to put it off. Time to get serious, and make that transformation a reality. In time, you’ll come to thank yourself for putting forth the effort!

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