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    Nightlife in Bellevue

    April 30, 2018

    A group of friends singing karaoke on stage

    Apartments in Bellevue WA are perfect for those looking to live in affordable, luxury living spaces but still want to be near the heartbeat of the city. And since Seattle is right around the corner, this is an excellent location for those who enjoy a wonderful nightlife. You can settle down when you get older. For now, it’s time to take advantage of the incredible opportunity in front of you by having a good time experiencing a million laughs, loads of excitement, and friendships like you’ve never had before with other people living in and around your community.

    In fact, the nightlife in Bellevue has really taken off in recent years. There are many wonderful bars, dance clubs, and lounges located close to home. And this is great because you can go out and have a good time, drink responsibly, and never have to worry about finding a ride home because you’ll be so close to your residence and it’ll be easy to catch a taxi cab, Lyft, or Uber without any trouble whatsoever.

    With that said, we’d like to show you some of the fieriest nightlife hotspots in Bellevue. You never know, you might learn about a place or two that you didn’t even realize was jumping at this point, so you’ll definitely want to check it out. In fact, we think you should check out every one of our recommendations because we know you’ll be pleasantly surprised and happy to discover the best Bellevue hotspots that you never knew existed.

    Suite Restaurant / Lounge

    We know that Suite Restaurant / Lounge is truly one of the most happening places in this city. Not only is it a great place to eat, it’s also one of the best places to go to grab a drink with friends, meet new people, and have an amazing time right in the heart of Bellevue.

    According to their website, “Suite Restaurant / Lounge is an award winning restaurant and popular nightspot situated in the heart of Bellevue’s shopping district and is conveniently located on the lobby level of the Wintergarden in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Our culinary team has created a menu that offers shareable and portable small plates for larger parties to enjoy as well as delectable entrées and desserts for finer dining experiences.”

    Some of the tasty items on their menu include spring rolls, chipotle tacos, vegetable tempura, prawn cocktail, quesadillas, beef sliders, Kobe burgers, bistro medallion steaks, surf and turf, portobello pasta, wild sockeye salmon, and so many other great tasting dishes that it’s hard to choose just one.

    W Living Room Bar

    The W Living Room Bar in Bellevue is one of the most happening nightspots in the entire community. People tend to flock to this location for a wide variety of reasons. According to their website, “W’s coveted cocktail culture is evident through our uniquely crafted cocktails and Northwest beers & wines that will have you coming back for more. Whether you’re posted up at the Living Room Bar itself, drinking up the fresh air on the 365 day open air porch, or winding down in The Library, W Bellevue is the place to see and be seen.”

    This welcoming nightlife hotspot has a wide range of specialty cocktails that everybody seems to love. A few of the local favorites include the Bare Naked, Dragon’s Tears, Fishing with Dynamite, A Lady Never Tells, Inception, Love Affair, and Sangria to name a few of their popular options.

    And if you’re looking to get a bite to eat at the bar, there’s definitely something here for you to love. Some of their more popular dishes include Deviled Lazy B Ranch Eggs, Farmers Market Cheese, Local Roots Farms Mixed Lettuces, Grilled Octopus, Citrus Cured Salmon, Hand Cut Kennebec Potato French Fries, Autumn Squash Salad, Butterscotch Pudding, and a variety of house sorbets and ice creams to complete the perfect evening.

    Clearly, the Living Room Bar certainly has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a new place to check out in Bellevue, we highly recommend stopping by to enjoy a sophisticated fine dining experience and a classy night out on the town.

    Lucky Strike

    Located in Lincoln Square, 700 Bellevue Way NE., Lucky Strike is one of the most hip, happening nightspots in Bellevue. This place is so much more than your local watering hole and bowling alley. It’s something totally different, so we’ll let the owners tell you more about it right now.

    According to their website, “Put on your dancing shoes, round up the crew and head out to Lucky Strike Bellevue in Lincoln Square for the hottest nightlife experience in Bellevue! Hailed as a ‘bowling alley for the new millennium’ by {USA Today}9, Lucky Strike Bellevue revolutionizes the industry with chef-driven American cuisine, hand-crafted cocktails from experienced mixologists, packed dance floors every night of the week (complete with state-of-the-art sound & lights), premium bowling on 16 spacious lanes, and our world-renowned arcade room: Power Play! Vintage charm combines with modern, artistic decor, ambient mood lighting and killer live DJ sets to create an unforgettable atmosphere throughout the venue.”

    So, if you love bowling, dancing, great food, sophisticated drinks, and an experience like you’ll never forget, then you should visit Lucky Strike Bellevue the next time you want to enjoy a night out on the town.

    Cosmos Lounge

    Cosmos Lounge is a wonderful Bellevue hotspot. According to their website, “As the perfect place to start or end of the night, Cosmos Lounge serves sophisticated refreshments and lighter fare. Stop in for a quick cocktail or linger over a full-bodied Syrah, glamour never goes out of style at Bellevue’s most fashionable exclusive bar.”

    If you’re ready for a swanky night out on the town, Cosmos Lounge is your ideal destination in the Seattle area.

    Discover the Top Nightlife Hotspots While Living in Apartments in Bellevue WA

    Hyde Square in Bellevue takes luxury living to the next level. According to their site, “Hyde Square represents a new generation of modern, luxury apartments in Bellevue WA. Clean, European-style and, contemporary design and the kind of amenities typically found in the buildings across the water. A home at Hyde Square puts you in the middle of what really matters in the Seattle area.”