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    Spring Activities in Bellevue

    March 19, 2018

    Friends picnicking in the park, with sandwiches and beer

    Bellevue, Washington is such a beautiful place to visit during the spring. If you live in apartments for rent in downtown Bellevue it’s even better, because you get to enjoy this amazing community all year long. Whether you plan to go outdoors with family members and friends, or have other plans in mind, just know that there’s a lot to do in this exciting city.

    In fact, we’d like to share some of our favorite activities with you below. Since it’s located right across the lake from Seattle, it’s really a unique place to visit. Not only will you get to enjoy the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and the Bellevue Arts Museum, there are also many amazing parks, hiking trails, the children’s museum, and much more.

    To give you a taste of exactly what’s in store, we will dive in deeply and discuss some of our favorite places to visit once the winter finally fades away and the spring sun starts to shine. So stick with us to learn more about the exciting things happening in Bellevue in a few weeks.

    Bellevue Botanical Garden

    The Bellevue Botanical Garden is truly a beautiful sight to behold. This garden consists of 53 acres of urban oasis in the beautiful natural wetlands and restored wood lands in the area. There are also many wonderful plant collections that not only live but thrive in this region. They were collected from all along the Pacific Northwest, and it’s easy to get lost in thought as you enjoy the stunning serenity of this remarkable place.

    While visiting the Bellevue Botanical Garden, do not hesitate to explore the Rhododendron Glen, the lost Meadow Trail, and sit down, relax, and unwind in the Japanese Yao garden.

    Although we specifically mentioned this place because it’s so amazing to visit during the spring, we also wanted to mention something extra special that takes place between the months of November and January. You see, during this time of year they actually turn on the Garden D’ Lights. These lights will completely transform the entire botanical garden and turn it into an amazing winter wonderland. They fill it with more than 500,000 lights that are truly mesmerizing and an incredible sight to behold, so it’s definitely worth visiting during the winter as well if you have a chance to get here.

    Bellevue Arts Museum

    You’ll have an exciting time this spring spending a day discovering all of the beautiful art and splendor at the Bellevue Arts Museum. This museum is extra special because they do not have a permanent collection to showcase, so you get to enjoy a wide range of art at different times of year and the collections are always changing.

    The interesting thing about the Bellevue Arts Museum is that they have a broad spectrum of programs that are constantly changing and they are here for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’re looking for something to do with your family members, friends, coworkers, or anyone else for that matter, you should definitely tour the museum, learn about its rich history, and see some of the most exciting art exhibits throughout all of the state of Washington.

    Downtown Park

    If you live in or work in Bellevue, the odds are you spend the majority of your day staring at a computer screen as you sit in a cubicle for eight hours straight. This can be an incredibly daunting and unhappy experience for many, so it makes sense to take some time on your lunch break or after work to explore Downtown Park.

    The beautiful thing about the park is it’s truly a green oasis and Mecca from the hustle and bustle of the big city. If you’re feeling stressed or need a break from a tough day at work, you can always go to the park to recuperate and regenerate energy.

    This truly is a beautiful place to visit. You’ll really love walking down the half-mile promenade. It’s completely shaded and by two rows of gorgeous trees, and it ends at a 240 foot wide incredible waterfall that trains directly into the most peaceful reflecting pond you’ll ever see.

    When life feels too stressful, it’s always good to get out in nature. That’s why it’s time to make the most of Downtown Park because it’s the perfect place to go to have a picnic on the beautiful manicured lawn, let your dog run around and play with the other animals, or even play a game of Frisbee with your friends.

    Mercer Slough Nature Park

    Our favorite thing about Mercer Slough Nature Park is that it’s so close to downtown Bellevue that it only takes a few minutes to get there. This gorgeous wildlife habitat is made up of 320 acres of freshwater wetlands, forests, and agricultural land. It’s an amazing place to go with family if you’re looking for an exciting day trip. Plus, you could always enjoy it with friends and coworkers as well if they happen to like hiking or biking along rolling river trails.

    Or if you prefer, there are many paths and boardwalks to use as you wind your way through this incredible park. And better yet, they even have their own blueberry farm, which is truly unbelievable because you can go there and pick fresh blueberries to bring home. Put them in your smoothies, add them to your salads, or just pick at them because they are a great tasting healthy snack.

    Best of all, the park offers a free guided tour every Saturday, so if you want to learn about the 170 wildlife species in the park, take the tour and receive a first-class education at the same time.

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