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    Thanksgiving Potluck Ideas

    November 22, 2019

    Healthy meals packed in tin go boxes

    Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, there’s a good chance that you’ve been invited to a potluck somewhere around the apartments for rent in downtown Bellevue. Perhaps it’s at a friends house who lives somewhere around town, or maybe you’ve got to grin-and-bear it as you head to the Thanksgiving office party and socialize with your co-workers for a few hours. Either way, you’re on the hook for at least one dish, and you’ll need to prepare something that travels if you want to ensure your contribution is well-received. Never fear, there are plenty of dishes that fit the bill, and today, we’re going to be throwing a few options your way so you have some prime picks for that upcoming potluck dinner.

    Travel Ready Potluck Dishes

    The key to the travel ready dish is that it has to be compact enough to fit inside a container and not lose its “essence,” and versatile enough that you can prepare it in advance, take it somewhere else, and have it retain that flavor.

    Salad, obviously is a good choice for this task, and you can make your Thanksgiving salad interesting by adding just a few choice ingredients (apples, walnuts, bacon bits, you name it). It’s a new twist on an old favorite, and best of all, people can take it right out the container and get started on snacking while the other potluck dishes heat up in the oven or microwave.

    Of course, if you’re looking for simple, it’s hard to go wrong with an ever-present Thanksgiving favorite — cranberry sauce. While you could go with the canned variety, remember that October is also fresh cranberry season, so you can also try making a bit of sauce from scratch and taking it to the potluck to impress your friends or co-workers.

    And lest we forget, dessert options are always appropriate for a potluck. With Thanksgiving being your theme, you could try your hand at any number of pies: pecan, apple, cherry, key lime, etc., or you could prepare a cake or strudel and get similar results. If you want to get even more creative, though, maybe try your hand at “Stuffin’ Muffins,” combining a variety of Thanksgiving flavors into one bite-sized morsel?

    Whatever you decide, if you keep it simple and compact, you should find that it travels well. Bear this in mind as you prepare, and you’ll be able to steal the show at that upcoming potluck dinner.

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