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    Tips for Moving To Bellevue

    February 19, 2018

    Waterfront view of Bellevue's cityscape

    Over the years, Bellevue has blossomed into a high-tech employment hub and retail center (especially on the Eastside), attracting over 150,000 jobs. With an estimated population of 140,700, Bellevue ranks as the 5th largest city in Washington. Despite its growth and high-tech influence, Bellevue still retains its small downtown feel. It is this combination of the old and new that makes it such an attractive city to live in. That being said, if you are planning to move to “the City in a Park,” here is what you need to know—from restaurants and fitness centers to transportation options and diversity programs. (Plus, be sure to check out apartments in Hyde Square.)

    1. It Tends to Run on The Chilly Side

    For those of you who are used to temperatures running in the mid to high 80s and 90s, be prepared for a weather shift. August, the hottest month in Bellevue, tends to average around 69°F and an average of 42°F during December, which is its coldest month. In November, expect rain; November is known as the wettest month of the year for The City in a Park, receiving an average of 2.82 inches. And, during March (often referred to as the windiest month) wear your windbreaker and jacket, as you can expect 6 mph average gusts.

    What You Should Pack
    Overall, Bellevue, like much of Washington, has a significant amount of rain, receiving an annual rainfall of around 15.03 inches a year. That said, we recommend that you pack and/or buy umbrellas, jacket, windbreaker, scarves, mittens, and gloves. In addition, aim to dress in layers so that you can adjust to the warmer temperature inside.

    2. It is Pet-Friendly

    Bellevue is a pet-friendly city; it has several hotels that accommodate for pets such as Hotel 116, Fairfield Inn & Suites Seattle, and Extended Stay America — Seattle Bellevue Downtown. So, you don't have to worry about leaving your furry friends behind.

    3. Home to Some of the Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens

    There is a reason why Bellevue is nicknamed “The City in a Park.” The more than 33 square mile city is home to nearly 100 parks. Some favorites include Bellevue Botanical Garden and the Downtown Park.

    Bellevue Botanical Garden
    The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a great place for photo opps and admiring Bellevue nature. The holidays tend to be one of the best times to go to the Botanical Garden, with lights hanging around the garden and the plants in bloom. Besides a variety of plants, the Bellevue Botanical Garden also has small waterfalls, and a suspension bre.

    Downtown Park
    Downtown Park is one of the convenient walkways in Bellevue. Not only is it a nice area to go for a walk or jog but it is a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

    4. Lot of Fitness Options

    While Bellevue offers several trails and parks for joggers and walkers, it also has several fitness facilities for those who prefer treadmills, personal training, and exercise classes. Some fitness facilities include Crunch Fitness, Bellevue Club, Sweat Equity Gym, and Iron Works Gym.

    5. Don’t’ Miss Out on The Local Cuisine

    Bellevue is home to several local restaurants such as Purple Café and Wine Bar and Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel.

    Purple Café and Wine Bar
    Purple Café and Wine Bar is a great place to bring your coworkers to during happy hour. With a cool vibe and friendly staff, you are sure to enjoy your eating experience. (We recommend that you take advantage of happy hour, as meals do tend to run on the expensive side.)

    Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel
    Looking for a breakfast spot? Consider Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel, which offers everything from omelets and sandwiches to yes, you guessed it, bagels. Known by some as a gem of the west, guests have recommended trying the #9 Gilberts Reuben and #15 Albacore Tuna Sandwich.

    6. Number of Transportation Options

    Being that Bellevue is a tech and retail employment hub, the city has several transportation resources for residents to use. Take advantage of the city’s transportation resource page, Choose Your Way Bellevue. It is a one-stop resource where commuters and residents can find alternative transportation methods—like walking, biking, bus and train routes, share the ride, and car share and taxis. The city also has a Transportation Demand Management Program, which seeks to encourage Bellevue residents to use alternative transportation modes to maximize efficiency, reduce pollution, and take advantage of existing transportation systems.

    7. Traffic Doesn’t Have to Be a Problem

    Bellevue has a number of options residents can use to avoid traffic and get to their destination on time. It has real time traffic maps and cameras that show the traffic conditions on streets, and a regional traffic map that provides traffic condition information about the highways. Besides these options, the city also has a traffic advisory page which provides weekly updates on street and lane closures, not to mention potential detours residents can take. Lastly, if these options don’t work for you, you can always go to the Transportation Department’s Twitter page (bvuetrans), which provides the latest transpiration information.

    8. Small Downtown Feel

    As mentioned, while Bellevue may be known as a tech and retail hub, it still has that small downtown feel. Its woodsy neighborhoods and several trails and parks gives it that homey, outdoorsy vibe. This combination of tech and the outdoors gives residents more balance in their lives.

    9. It Strives to Be a Diverse City

    In 2014, Bellevue adopted the Diversity Advantage Plan. This initiative strives to increase resident engagement and create a more culturally competent organization. To make this happen, Bellevue formed a diversity advantage team, which includes organizational development, community engagement, and ADA/504/Title VI).

    10. It Has Farms

    Perhaps part of the reason why Bellevue has that outdoorsy feel has to do with its farms, specifically Kelsey Creek Farm. Kelsey Creek Farm gives residents and tourists a glimpse of Bellevue’s rural history. The Farm has tours, grassy fields, barns, and recreational programs and camps for kids.

    Final Thoughts: Bellevue Has Much to Offer Residents

    While Bellevue may be on the map as a high-tech and retail hub, it offers much more to residents. The city has several transportation and traffic resources for residents to take advantage of. The City in a Park also is very environmentally and diversity conscious. What other resources and benefits does Bellevue offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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