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    Top Dining Spots In Bellevue

    March 30, 2018

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    If you’re a newcomer to the apartments for rent in Bellevue, chances are you’re still getting a lay of the land and trying to figure out just where you should be going for a good bite to eat once the evening comes. Not at all a surprise, so we’ve decided to give you a head start by compiling some of the finest dining options around town into a handy list. Read on as we cover the places you’ll want to check out for a great meal, with options that cover various styles of cuisine and levels of trendiness. You’ll not want to miss what Bellevue has in store for you.


    Located on Factoria Boulevard, this amazing, cash-only Japanese spot is famed for the Chirashi Bowl, a kind of medley that gives you a little bit of everything they have on offer.

    It’s far from their only delight, though, as they’re also well-known for having delicious varieties of sushi and other types of fish that practically melt in your mouth.

    It’s a cozy, somewhat casual spot, but that doesn’t mean the quality is diminished. You’ll get great food with an amazing value that worth every second of the wait, but wait you probably will, since this spot has only a few tables, accompanied by big crowds on most days.

    Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar

    If you want some high-end seafood of the non-Japanese variety, then Seastar Restaurant & Raw Bar on 108th Avenue is probably the kind of spot you’re looking for. This location is brought to you by well-known chef John Howie (of Seattle Palisade fame).

    The menu here covers plenty of delicious seafood items, but also includes delicious steak, poultry, pastas, and, of course, those Raw Bar items. They’ve received high praise from The Infatuation:

    “Make moves to Seastar, which is the best place on the Eastside to ball out. It’s the kind of ritzy spot that has sushi rolls on the otherwise-American seafood menu, where you might be surrounded by executives in suits casually dropping hundreds on happy hour snacks.”

    For their money, you’re well-off enjoying the potato chip-crusted halibut and cedar plank salmon.

    Lot No. 3

    The gastropub may never go out of fashion, which is good news for Lot No. 3 on 106th Avenue. This American classic serves up plenty of “comfort food, classic cocktails and craft brews in a vintage-industrial inspired space” right near the middle of town.

    This place is a two-story deal, which means there’s plenty of room to spread out and find a good table (on those not-so-crowded nights). For dinner, you’ll want to try out the duck confit sliders, whiskey braised short ribs, or delicious Cuban sandwich.

    Bis On Main

    It’s a bistro, it’s located on Main Street, Bis On Main is perhaps the perfect name for such an establishment, no? They pride themselves on a “dedication to quality and customer service,” bringing customers a perfect spot for special occasions when they want something that’s upscale, super-classy, and filled with cute white tablecloths.

    Bis On Main comes from the mind of restaurant vet Joe Vilardi and, being the fine and fabulous establishment it is, will probably require some reservations in order for you to get a table when you want. Try out the grilled washington steak skewers or filet mignon if you really want a treat.

    Facing East

    Taiwanese isn’t usually the first thing on most people’s mind when they’re hungry for a bite to eat, but perhaps it should be? One taste of a Taiwanese-style pork burger and you’ll become a believer. Just be prepared to deal with some of the lines that you’ll almost certainly encounter.

    As Zagat points out: “expats and locals alike say it's just part of the pre-dinner ritual for those who want to indulge in interesting, authentic Taiwanese fare not found anywhere else in town.” Head over to the strip mall on Bellevue Way Northeast to enjoy the fine food here, and make sure you try out a few of the dumplings before you go.

    El Gaucho

    Dubbed “the Eastside’s premiere destination for power lunches and romantic date nights,” (along with family celebrations and holiday brunches), El Gaucho on 108th Avenue certainly has the look of a pristine and upscale establishment.

    “Rat Pack-style” is what Zagat has dubbed this swanky old-school steakhouse. As an excellent taste of the high-life, meateater’s experience, you can expect to lay down some serious cash to eat well, but eat well you shall, with splendidly prepared cuts of various animals cooked to perfection.


    Taiwanese isn’t the only Asian-style cuisine around town. You could just as easily head to Monsoon on Main Street and try on their expertly-prepared Vietnamese fare instead. The location is a blend of contemporary, stylish, and hipster (as is to be expected from this portion of West Bellevue) and the food matches the look of the establishment quite well.

    It’s delicious (if a bit expensive) but the staff goes out of their way to make sure you have an enjoyable time, and the innovative twists they put on their best dishes make it well worth the visit. Be sure to check out the grilled porkchops and drunken chicken during your visit.


    It’s nearly impossible to have a list of best dining locations without including an Italian option. Filling the role for us today is Cantinetta, one of the finest examples of Italian cuisine in the Pacific Northwest. They specialize in traditional, Tuscan-variety eats, bringing handmade pasta and the freshest ingredients into all of their offerings.

    This is another stylish and upscale example of Bellevue eating, so it might make sense to have some reservations before heading out. It’s well-known as a vibrant and bustling spot, though, so even if you do encounter a crowd, you can take solace in the fact that you’ll be in great company as you dine on the area’s best Italian food.

    Explore These Eateries From The Apartments For Rent In Bellevue

    Now that you’ve made Bellevue your home, you’ll need to take some time to get out from your apartment space (as comfortable as it is) and explore the fine dining options available to you. No worries, your convenient and comfortable abode will still be waiting for you once you’re done.