Close to the 520. Right off Bel-Red road. Directly between Redmond and Bellevue.

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    What To See Around Hyde Square

    February 23, 2018

    Aerial view of a Bellevue Golf Course hole with sand traps and pond

    From a distance, Bellevue, Washington seems a nice enough place. Quaint, but not much else, you might assume. Only once you step inside the bounds of this surprising city do you learn that there’s more to it than meets the eye, and plenty to do and see around its various neighborhoods. Take the area around Hyde Square for instance. It might seem like just another quiet Pacific Northwest neighborhood at first glance, and, in many respects it is. Did you know about some of the more eye-catching points of interest, though? Read on, as we explore what there is to see around Hyde Square.

    Microsoft’s Bellevue Offices

    1 Microsoft Way - Microsoft has a base of operations stationed in Bellevue, and it’s right down the road from Hyde Park. They’re a beautiful sight to behold, if a bit more professional looking than their offices in Redmond, and have a small-but-cute visitors center for fans to check out. There’s a nice selection of souvenirs and a great selection of restaurants throughout the area to catch a meal after a quick visit to see what all the buzz is about.

    Viewpoint Park

    134th & NE 24th Street -- For an untamed, unpaved, rustic taste of the area’s natural beauty, Viewpoint Park provides exactly that, along with numerous views toward the southern portion of the city: “Located just north of 520, Viewpoint Park is a wooded park that features several loop trails. The park provides a natural buffer between the neighborhoods and businesses in the area. A clearing in the woods with a log bench provide an ideal rest stop with views toward the south.”

    K1 Speed

    2207 NE Bel-Red Road -- If it’s fun and diversion you’re after, you’ll find it at K1 Speed. This Indoor Go Kart Racing facility is one of the most well-known in Bellevue, and one that uses a concrete surface for racing instead of an asphalt one. It adds a bit of challenge for hyper-competitive kart racers, and they combine that experience with pool tables and other forms of fun that appeal to all that grace the track’s doors. Stop by to see the eco-friendly karts and maybe get in on a race or two to test your skills against some of the best in Bellevue.

    Crossroads Water Spray Playground

    999 165th Avenue NE -- For a more kid-friendly take on fun, the Water Spray Playground presents itself as a rather clear option. Here kids can hop on the back of a “spouting Orca whale” and enjoy in a variety of water-themed landscape/play features like the spitting frogs and squirting clams. Best of all, they keep it safe for the children: there is no standing water; the water is potable and low-volume. The playground provides for all levels of physical abilities which engage children and their caretakers in water play.

    Bellevue Golf Course

    15801 NE 15th Street – You might not realize this yet, but Bellevue really likes golf. The Bellevue Golf Course is one such option, a 9-hole, Par-3 course that’s open from March to October. No tee times required, and the holes provide an adequate challenge for beginners, short games, and family play: “The holes range in length from 63-107 yards. This provides more accomplished golfers an opportunity to work on their short game, while beginners can have success learning the game in a relaxed, friendly environment.” Remember that play here is first come first serve, so call ahead to find out what the course is looking like before you leave the apartment.

    Glendale Country Club

    13440 Main Street – This is Bellevue’s premier private club, and they offer more than just games of golf to play. The club moved from South Seattle to Bellevue in the late 1950s, and has long held the mission of providing their members with a “quality environment” for various club activities as central to their purpose. Part of that are the social events they host, of which the country club says they have all the angles covered: “Whether your preference is a wine pairing dinner featuring some of the region’s finest wines, a quiet dinner for two, or an outdoor movie with the kids including popcorn, smores and root beer floats, Glendale has all your bases covered.”

    The Market Place At Factoria

    4055 Factoria Square Mall SE – For those that want to do some shopping, the Market Place At Factoria is one such option, a collection of 5 department stores and more than 60 smaller shops, including Target, DSW, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack. Within the Market Place, you’ll also find the KidsQuest Children’s Museum, a “whole new world of exploration and play” for children up to ten years old. They serve more than 208,000 individuals every year, and have a number of exhibits that include the Atrium Climber, Bellevue Mercantile, Train Table In Cityscape, Connections Gallery, Big Rig On The Go, Sticks + Stones, Story Tree, Tot Orchard, and the Water Gallery.

    The Eastside Jazz Club

    288 106th Avenue NE -- For those who love the sound of live jazz, the Eastside Jazz Club provides. When friends and musicians Cooksie & Lionel Kramer and Len Tshua realized there were no jazz clubs on the Eastside in Bellevue, they decided to make their own. From humble beginnings the Eastside Jazz Club has grown into a partnership with The Resonance Theater at Soma Towers, and one of the best spots in the city to see some great live music.

    Bellevue Square

    575 Bellevue Square -- One of the three sites that make up the Bellevue Collection, Bellevue Square contains much of what you’d expect: retail stores, casual & upscale dining, etc. What’s not immediately known about this shopping space, however, is that you’ll find Parlor Live nearby, the Eastside’s number one destination for comedy, along with billiards and ping pong as well. They’ve also got a fair number of other cool shows that come through, like the Nite Wave, a New Wave dance music night, and Fuego Fridays, one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest Latino-themed parties.